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With the UK now dealing with a hung parliament (shout out for fucking up the tories) now is a VERY important time to read up about the party DUP which May has said she would team up with.

Google searches will quickly show they deny climate change and have creationists in their party. (x)

They do not support abortion and actively work on keeping it banned (and are even harsh when it comes to women who are raped) (x)

They do not support gay marriage. In fact there was a vote for it which showed the majority WANTED gay marriage, and the DUP BLOCKED IT. (x)

They are BAD NEWS. Of course if they team up, they wont bring these things full force to the rest of the UK, but May willing to team up with such people shows where she stands. 

They slammed Corbyn saying he is linked to extremists in Ireland, and are now looking to team up with extremists in Ireland!

Do you own research and see how far down this goes it is truly awful. You will find members trying to like gay people to child abuse and not support the lgbt.

Here are some more links Link 1 - Link 2 - link 3 - Link 4

May reaches deal with DUP to form government after shock election result (x)

They are now together and running the country. May is STILL PM. PLEASE LEARN ABOUT THEM

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