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May 12 2018

And the interval act is your one big chance to fail to live up to Love Love Peace Peace
— Ancient Eurovision Proverb
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me whenever I experience a minor inconvenience

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February 16 2018

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“Apology not accepted.” 

February 15 2018

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I’ve got to succeed so she can succeed. 

January 31 2018



do you ever learn a new fact and it fucks you over really badly even though it has no effect on your life but it still feels like your whole life was a lie anyways hey did you know barcode scanners scan the white spaces in between and not actually the black bars


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January 23 2018

Does anybody have a link to that photo of a horse rider’s POV where you can see her hand, legs, saddle and horse’s neck?? Like we’re the ones looking down?

December 30 2017

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December 28 2017

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December 27 2017

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December 17 2017

Can anyone recommend any equestrian YouTubers? Preferably adults who actively upload :)

November 22 2017

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November 08 2017

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The Lion King (2019)

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If you think about it in the shower, you’re not over it

im not over like a good 50% of my life lmao


“unlikely hero” = cis straight white man, but slightly smaller and skinnier than the other cis straight white men

October 27 2017

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This show is going to kill me.

September 19 2017

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